Marina Milev

My artworks aim at showing us the reality in toto, with all its visible and invisible beings and contradictories. I wonder if there is a consensus over what is exactly real and what not, what is colored with our impressions, values, expectations and with the most divergent compound of emotions. What is the world of ideas, and what is its projection? What is hiding behind and in front of the meaning of words and manifold constructions?

The reality is perceived and something solid, palpable, with clear borders, contrary to imagination, illusion and abstraction, dreams and play. My task is not only to portray hyperreal, surreal or some integral reality, but to examine if there are some hidden archetypes, personal myths and zoomorphous beings hidden behind the rigid surface of reality. The doubtful existence of other-sided worlds faces us with need to invent the new principle of reality, which is for me the total synthesis of inner and outer worlds, translation of the heaven-like and fantastic into something that appears to us as reality. I want to splinter postulates of reality and everyday life, to disrupt space and time plans, to crossbreed humans and animals, fantasy, facts and information emerging from dierent medias.

This is my collage of life. In my work I apply the method of free articulation of unconsciousness, meaning that I work spontaneously, without pre-existing determination of what I want to achieve as a result. The new reality is here, if we only closely and fancifully observe our surrounding. She is both, horrifying and embracingly intimate.